Le Nez du Vin – 12 Aroma’s ‘Foutenset’ (eng)

77,95 incl. btw

Looking to enhance your wine-tasting skills? Look no further than the Le Nez du Vin ‘Faults Set’ aroma kit. Whether you’re an amateur wine enthusiast or a professional oenologist, this reference book by Jean Lenoir is the perfect learning tool. With 12 aromas that indicate whether a wine is corked, oxidized, or shows reduction, you’ll be able to recognize faults and possibly mitigate or eliminate them. The kit also includes a beautiful guide that explains the major faults of wine and their causes. The aromas activate your sense of smell, so you can recognize them in almost all wines. The kit comes in a luxuriously designed red case and includes 12 aromas, such as rotten apple, vinegar, and moldy. The aroma kit is handmade in France and has a 5-year guarantee, but can last up to 10 years if stored in good conditions. Plus, with free shipping, there’s no reason not to add this kit to your wine-tasting arsenal.

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