Le Nez du Vin – 24 Aroma’s Duo (eng)

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Are you interested in ordering a Le Nez du Vin Duo scent kit? This is the perfect gift for wine lovers or even for those who are not yet fond of wine. With Jean Lenoir’s reference book, you will learn everything about wine knowledge. The ‘Le Nez du Vin’ (The Nose of Wine) work will help you discover how to get to know your favorite wines even better, including white and red wines, as well as champagnes!

The Jean Lenoir Duo Aroma Wine Kit comes in a luxurious red case and includes 24 aromas that will activate your sense of smell and memory, allowing you to recognize them in almost all wines. The kit also includes three booklets, with the first one focusing on scent and taste, and the other two containing information about both white and red wines. The booklets also feature illustrations and a variety of great wines from all over the world as examples.

The aromas included in the kit are divided into fruity, floral, plant, animal, and roasted notes, such as lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, hawthorn, honey, truffle, butter, and more.

The scent kit comes in a carmine-colored bookcase bound in fabric, with dimensions of 237 x 305 x 48 mm and a weight of 1.350 kg. It is handmade in France and includes a 5-year warranty. The Jean Lenoir aromas can last up to 10 years if kept in good conditions. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping!

If you’re curious about our Jean Lenoir Masterkit scent kit, you can find it here.

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