Le Nez du Vin – 12 Aroma’s Eikenhouten Vaten (eng)

77,95 incl. btw

Are you interested in the impact of oak barrels on wine? Le Nez du Vin’s ‘Oak Barrels’ scent kit is the perfect way to explore this topic. Unlike concrete and stainless steel, oak wood imparts unique aromas to wine. This kit includes a book with the latest discoveries in history, forestry, and chemistry to help explain the effect of oak barrels on the sensory characteristics of wine. From the type of oak to the choices of the winemaker, everything has an impact on the ultimate taste of the wine. The kit contains twelve aromas that are most representative of wood notes in wine, along with a notebook about barrel making and associated vocabulary. Each bottle is supplied with a large index card indicating the origin of the aroma. The kit comes in a luxurious, crimson-colored, cloth-bound book box and is handmade in France. The Jean Lenoir aromas come with a 5-year guarantee and can last for 10 years if stored in good conditions. Free shipping is included. Curious about the Jean Lenoir ‘Faults’ scent kit? You can find it here.

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